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It’s MOON-day!

Hello all. I just posted the next round of Moon signs. Let me remind you that to find out your moon sign, you can consult a table such as this one.

Thank you to my (now) 180 followers! I hope you’re all liking the blog so far.

I just wanted to take a minute to say that Astrology is a complex art. There are MANY factors involved in one’s astrological profile—it’s not just your Sun sign. This is why, if you are, say, a Capricorn, and feel that most of the stuff about Capricorn just doesn’t fit, don’t worry and don’t toss out astrology. You have a Moon sign, a rising sign, and a sign for each of the planets. 

I, for instance, am a Pisces. That’s my Sun sign. I feel that almost everything about Pisces fits my personality well. Except, for years, before I got into Astrology, I always felt incomplete with the descriptions of a Pisces. What about the part of my personality that’s extremely organized and analytical? Sometimes I prefer fact to feeling. This is definitely not a Pisces thing. Well, come to find out—my MOON is in VIRGO, which is the complete opposite of Pisces. So all of the contradicting facets of my personality make sense.

See what I mean? If you are curious about what your complete astrological profile means for you, message me with your birthdate, time, and place of birth and I can tell you a bit about who you are (astrologically)!

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