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Astrology and the Planets… Even Though They Aren’t All Planets


When reading your birth chart it’s always important to keep in mind the meaning of the planets.

Sun (Rules Leo):  Waking consciousness, creative energy and expression, your lifestyle and ideals

Moon (Rules Cancer):  Unconscious energy, sensitivity, your basic emotional needs, imagination, self-protection, feminine energy  

Mercury (Rules Gemini and Virgo):  Intelligence and cerebral processes, how you acquire information and communicate, what interests you, and engages you on an intellectual level

Venus (Rules Taurus and Libra):  Expressions of love and romance, what others find attractive about you, your sensuality and erotic nature, aesthetics, social appeal, feminine energy

Mars (Rules Aries):  Aggression, your drive to conquer and dominate, primal emotion, animal instincts, the sex drive, masculine energy, what angers you, how you express anger

Jupiter (Rules Sagittarius):  How you are successful and lucky, your travels, long journeys, your attitude towards education and philosophy

Saturn (Rules Capricorn):  Wisdom through experience, challenges you face, soul lessons, progression, what you master throughout life

Uranus (Rules Aquarius):  Sudden changes, the future, generational revolutions, your attitudes towards technology and advancements

Neptune (Rules Pisces):  Hidden meanings throughout life, how you experience spirituality, illusions that can cloud judgement, unconscious energy, addictions

Pluto (Rules Scorpio):  Power and magnetism, forces of nature, your explosive passion, all that is concealed and secret, the inscrutable, the unfathomable, the “end all be all”

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Anonymous asked: Why are Taurus's always considered the "fat ones" or the ones that are constantly eating? Taurus's with eating disorders (such as myself ) can get triggered or hurt. When I first read about it, I thought wow no wonder I have an eating disorder, even my zodiac sign describes me as a fatass. Sorry for the wierd question.

That’s an unfortunate association. Taureans typically have a deep appreciation and love for sensual pleasures—sight, touch, smell, taste, sound. Of course, everyone loves those things, but Taurus is traditionally more strongly driven by those things than other signs. Love of good food and drink is as common to a Taurus as love of music, or art, or fashion. It’s not meant to mean they are gluttonous or fat or always eating. Taurus, as with other sensual pleasures, simply appreciates good food and the atmosphere involved with it (family gatherings, dining out, romantic dinners, etc) more deeply than other signs, traditionally. Every sign has stereotypes and cliches associated with them, positive and negative. Some are hurtful, and triggering, some people use to be humorous. I try to steer clear of negativity like that on my blog, and I hope that you find my blog non-triggering. 

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me0wnir asked: Is it normal for a Scorpio male to be extremely clingy? As in vocalizing their unhappiness at spending so much as a day apart, wrapping themselves around you every possible moment, etc?

Yes, this is very typical.

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Hello all,

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